Mental health shouldn't be a luxury.

Take back your life—with science.

Only the world's most privileged can meaningfully access mental health care.

So our psychologist- and survivor-led team is making evidence-based treatments available to everyone on earth with a mobile phone.

Our clinically-proven therapy bots came out of research, and are now available to you over SMS and WhatsApp.

Patent pending. U.S. Pat. Application No. 17941241

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We make mental health care easier, faster, cheaper, and more effective— because we all deserve better.

let's lay the foundation
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Sleep is the bedrock of health.

Sleepbot is clinically proven to significantly improve sleep in 2-3 weeks.

“the best thing I've tried”
“I love this guide"
“felt like someone cares”
“a little friend!!”
“sleep definitely improved!”
“did wonders for me”
“Sleepbot was amazing”
“monumentally helpful”
“totally loved it”
“incredible resource”
“really improved my sleep”
“makes me feel like I can improve my life”
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Our burnout mini program is launching May 2024.

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CLINICAL ADVISORS (aka therapists we'd see if we could afford them)

Dr. Victoria Bangieva

Psychologist, clinical product innovator; American Psychological Association

Dr. Hannah Weisman

Psychologist, clinical and business operations leader with over 10 years in the healthcare industry

Dr. Chelsey Wilks

Psychologist, digital therapeutics researcher

Jeffrey Kashou, LMFT

Clinical product, service design, and operations; ex-Orange County, ex-Mindstrong

Dr. Sarah Silverman

Holistic sleep specialist and insomnia expert, @drsarahsleep

Rayni Collins, BC-DMT, LPC, LCMHCS

Clinical mental health counselor and online sleep therapist, E-MOTIVE Counseling


We're working toward a day when everyone can get the mental health care they need.