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We know first-hand

as patients,

🗓️  it’s rare to find therapists with availability

🏥  it’s rarer to find anyone who accepts insurance

💸  therapy is expensive both in and out-of-network

😶‍🌫️  it’s hard to keep up between sessions

🏃  it's tough to get away from work

🌚  mental health apps are shady and overhyped

as providers,

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽  you can’t always be there for clients

📝  you can’t make clients do their homework

🗂️  there’s not enough time in the week to eat, let alone for admin work

🔥  you’re burned out, but your waitlist is still insane

🔧  you need tools, but not sure what will actually help

🌚  mental health apps are shady and overhyped

We can help

We’re a clinician-led company, codifying our expertise into text bots designed to facilitate, augment, and replace in-person therapy—because you can't scale a shortage.

Automating evidence-based strategies over SMS and WhatsApp means improved outcomes are more affordable, accessible, and measurable than ever.

Patent pending. U.S. Pat. Application No. 17941241

For users:

Science-backed, expert-designed, personalized, and guided programs for less than $30

Automated coaching tracks your progress and makes necessary adjustments

The flexibility of SMS means you can engage on your own time

Dashboard of your progress that you can share with your therapist, or keep yourself accountable

For providers:

A platform you don’t have to learn, manage, download, or implement—just log in

Client self-report feeds into an actionable dashboard for your entire caseload

Automated logistics, so you can focus on therapy

Programs and dashboards designed by psychologists with expertise in tech

Fits into a stepped care model: low-threshold interventions for your waitlist

Meet our first bot

Sleepbot is out of the proverbial research lab and available to the public for the first time.

what our users said about our clinical trial for sleepbot

“It was monumentally helpful to become more aware of my feelings while preparing to sleep, trying to stay asleep, and having the most meaningful night’s rest. It was impressive how quickly my thought-process prior to bedtime changed. I am very grateful for the SMS Intervention.

“The daily tips were relevant and helpful, and I would recommend it to my friends/family.”

“Noticed I began relying on it to remind me of the various behaviors. Once I got used to it, I liked it.”

“It was fun!!”

What the data says about our clinical trial for sleepbot

Jenna Xu, CEO & co-CPO

  • Creative technologist and generalist, has worked as a product designer, software engineer, and art director
  • Specializes in prototyping mental health tech for startups
  • Ex-product and engineering at Mindstrong
  • Masters from ITP, New York University

Dr. Chelsey Wilks, CSO & co-CPO

  • Clinical psychologist, digital therapeutics researcher
  • Asst. Prof. in health & data science at UM-SL
  • Harvard post-doc, PhD at University of Washington under Dr. Marsha Linehan
  • Ex-Microsoft Research, Ex-Mindstrong

Dr. Hannah Weisman

Psychologist, accomplished clinical and business operations leader with over 10 years in the healthcare industry

Dr. Victoria Bangieva

Psychologist and clinical product innovator; ex-Two Chairs, ex-Mindstrong

Jeffrey Kashou

Clinical product, service design, and operations; ex-Orange County, ex-Mindstrong

Dr. Sarah Silverman

Holistic sleep specialist and insomnia expert, @drsarahsleep

Dr. Naina Mahtani

Clinical health psychologist, Kaiser Permanente

Rayni Collins, BC-DMT, LPC, LCMHCS

Clinical mental health counselor and online sleep therapist, E-MOTIVE Counseling

Robert Winder

15 years in digital health startups; successful track record in bringing new products to market and driving revenue from $0 → $100M

Christian Busch

Chief AI Engineer, Lead Technical Product & Portfolio for AI/ML Platform, Carelon Digital Platforms; Owner of Mulligan Valley Partners

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